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Your showing up here is honored, as is your contribution to the reawakening of the Divine Feminine Presence on Earth. Your presence and attention are key as the great pendulum of Spirit swings us back into balance, as Mother Earth and Father Sky, Goddess and God, Feminine and Masculine reunite within each of us, reunite on our planet, reunite within the All.


The Illuminated Priestess is a Shamanic Path of self-empowerment and deep, internal work for women.


As a trained and certified Practitioner of Space and Personal Clearing, I connect with the energies at work in your home, on your land, and within your personal, energetic field. Remote work is available on a donation basis and is ongoing over the course of several weeks or months after the initial clearing is complete. Space and Personal Clearing work is available in-person or remotely.

Please explore the site and send a message to BePriestess@gmail.com

Blessed Be


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a Shamanic Path

a Shamanic Path

Elemental Meridian

Elemental-simple; pertaining to the 4 elements or forces of nature. Meridian: point of highest development.